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OFDC - Outdoor Fibre Distribution Closure


  • Compact design 163 x 326 x 102mm

  • Submersible up to 2m

  • Gel seal technology

  • Fibre Organiser and Splice Trays can be removed from casing - allowing easier access 

  • Allows 2 MSA Main cable entries (Up to 18mm)

  • Allows 8 Drop cable entries (2.5mm to 6mm)

  • Splitter facilities

  • Up to 72 Splices

The OFDC-A4 was designed for the FTTH environment and provides a connection point in either a splice or patch option. The OFDC-A4 uses the gel seal technology allowing the enclosure to be aerial or submerged up to 2m. The enclosure provides the required facilities for distribution, mid span accessing and storing fibres.


  • Compact design

  • Separate compartments isolating fibres

  • Aerial or Submersible deployment

  • Allows up to 12 Splices

  • Accommodates splitters

  • Two cable entry ports (10-12mm)

  • Four drop cable ports (3-5mm)


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