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Fibre Optic Laboratory

Netconnect Distribution has its own in house fibre optic laboratory and is equipped with the required skills and tooling to terminate fibre optic connectors. All raw materials used in the manufacture and assembly process have a known source of origin and are tested in compliance with international standards. Netconnect Distribution has the relevant test facilities to test all laboratory fibre optic manufactured products. Testing includes continuity testing, insertion loss and return loss testing and end-face geometry testing.

Netconnect Distribution is able to terminate:

  • Plastic FO

    • Toslink, HFBR, ST, SMA

  • Multi-Mode

    • FC, ST, SC, LC

  • Single-Mode


As well as terminate onto 2mm Minizip, 2.8mm Zipcord and 2.8mm Zipcord with a Ruggerdised sheath.   Available in Single Mode (G652D, G657A1, G657A2) and Multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4).


Netconnect Distribution offers quick turnaround custom assemblies manufactured to a high standard of quality. We specialise in the termination of custom splitter and drop assemblies for the FTTX market. These can be mounted in a number of ways depending on the solution architecture and thus negating the requirement for expensive splicing.

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